These four Canadian cities are officially the best for Gen Z

You can’t reduce Gen Z to a punchline – they are the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists. They see the world differently than the Millennials before them and the Gen Xers before that. Now, a new study shows which cities are perfect for Gen Z.

Fashion retailers Peek & Cloppenburg commissioned the study, which looked at the best cities in the world for Gen Zers based on themes like digitalization, principles, lifestyle, and the economy.

“Peek & Cloppenburg wanted to shine a light on Generation Z as they move through young adulthood and enter the workforce,” said the company in a release.

“They are the first generation to come of age in a post-pandemic, remote work world, and expectations for work and lifestyle are therefore distinct from previous generations,” they said.

For this study, people born between 1997 and 2012 are officially Gen Zers.

“Growing up during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the climate crisis, a global recession, and a global pandemic, Gen Z-ers are known to be digital natives who value security, diversity, and autonomy, and aim to achieve it through pragmatism and determination ,” said the study.

The new index helps show which cities meet Gen Z’s needs across 22 key indicators and are most attractive to the next generation of “creators, advocates, and pioneers of tomorrow.”

Here are the overall top 10 best cities for Gen Z:

Peek & Cloppenburg

Berlin came in at #1 with a perfect score and no US cities made an appearance in the top 10.

Four Canadian cities made the top 100 list:

  • #7: Montreal
  • #30: Ottawa
  • #41: Toronto
  • #60: Vancouver

Montreal came in on their list at #7 – making it the best city in Canada for Gen Zers.

Ottawa and Toronto landed at #30 and #41, respectively, but Ottawa also came in #10 for best AI industry worldwide.


Peek & Cloppenburg

Even though Vancouver came in at #60 overall, it ranked #10 in entrepreneurship for its strong presence of startups and innovative businesses.

You can learn more about the study and see the list of the 100 best cities for Gen Z.

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