Starry internet to stop serving Columbus

The discount internet service Starry is shutting down its Columbus service less than two years after entering the market.

The Boston-based company notified customers this week that it will soon stop serving central Ohio.

“It’s especially difficult to inform you today that beginning this spring, Starry will begin discontinuing its internet services in the Columbus, Ohio market,” Starry wrote to customers. “We will be in contact with you to provide you with a more precise date regarding discontinuance of your Starry service. For now, you do not need to take any action.”

Starry launched Columbus service in the summer of 2021, offering internet connection for as little as $25 a month before converting to a regular rate of $50 a month.

Columbus was Starry’s sixth market, and first in the Midwest, after Boston, New York City, Washington, Denver and Los Angeles. The company said it is closing the Columbus market to focus on the others.

“Leaving the Columbus market was a difficult decision and one that we did not take lightly,” Starry Chief Executive Officer Chet Kanojia said in a news release.

“Every community deserves robust competition and choice among broadband providers and Starry’s goal was to bring a high-quality, affordable option to families across Columbus. I’m proud of what our team built and the impact we’ve made in neighborhoods across Columbus. However, our business is evolving, and given the challenging macroeconomic environment, we’ve had to make some hard choices. The decision to leave Columbus gives us the ability to continue to invest in our five core urban markets and further expand our footprint and customer base within those communities.”

Starry said it will start withdrawing Columbus service in March and finish in June. The company said customers will be notified when they will lose service and be provided opportunities to switch to other providers.

“We are not recommending specific providers, but our customer care team is equipped to help our customers identify what other providers may serve their location and can help ease the transition from Starry,” said company spokesperson Mimi Ryals.

Starry did not identify the number of customers it has in Columbus beyond “thousands,” but said its network reached more than 350,000 Columbus homes.

For details on the company’s decision, customers were directed to a Starry blog.


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