Scooter with steering wheel and fire exhaust? Watch how this crazy modification from Punjab is winning internet!

The scooter can be seen kitted with a car steering among other bizarre modifications. (Screengrab taken from Instagram of malkitba_wa)

Punjab is place where modification jobs are done without any limitations, while only recently we brought you forward a Maruti Suzuki Brezza which was customized to look like a Range Rover SUV, now another mod job, this time around on a scooter, is gaining traction on social media. An Instagram profile handle which goes by the name malkitbaj_wa has uploaded several real videos of a modified scooter which seems to be Bajaj Chetak.

Bizarre fact about the scooter is that it has been fitted with a car’s steering wheel instead of a regular handlebar. And if that wasn’t enough, the scooter also has a car’s alloy wheel at the front. Needless to say, these parts are enough to make it highly inconvenient to ride. Also, there are a couple of other videos uploaded by the same person on Instagram that show the same scooter being kitted up with a fire exhaust. Not sure if the exhaust is good enough for barbecue but it’s for sure that this modification of another level, agree?

In the follow up videos uploaded by the same person on social media shows that the steering wheel has now been replaced back to scooter’s original handlebar and that isn’t surprising since riding a two-wheeler with such an absurd mod job is perhaps a tricky business .

Modifications done on the scooter are certainly not legit under the law, but then again, we are reiterating the fact that Punjab is home to such mod jobs, and this is yet another example.

Scrolling down more videos in the same profile also shows that the person has also fitted several other exhausts on the same scooter. One of the videos show a Royal Enfield-inspired pipe, whereas another clips shows the same scooter being fitted with a tractor-type exhaust.

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