Scientist tries dropping eggs from space without breaking. Watch how that ends | Trending

Former NASA scientist and YouTuber Mark Rober often shares such experiment videos that leave people amazed. His channel is filled with incredible videos that show him trying out different things. Just like a viral clip that shows him dropping eggs from space but without trying to break them.

The video opens with him explaining his experiment. He shares that he had been planning it for three years and initially thought of dropping an egg from the world’s tallest building. However, later he changed his decision and decided to do it from space. In the video, he also explains the ways in which he thought he could achieve the feat. While explaining, he further mentions that it had been the most “physically, financially, and mentally” draining experiment he has ever attempted.

As the video progresses, he is seen running tests before the final event. However, initially, they fail, and the eggs end up breaking. Undeterred, however, he continues his journey along with his team and decides to change the way of doing the experiment.

We won’t spoil the fun by giving away the end result, so take a look at the video to know if he succeeds or fails:

The video was shared two days ago. Since being posted, it has gone viral and accumulated more than 14 million views. The clip has also received various comments from people.

“I especially like the part where you finally realize you’re trying to make a precision guided missile, and the acknowledgment that those who know… Literally cannot help you,” posted a YouTube user. “That’s crazy how Mark technically pioneered his own space program,” joked another. “Thank you for the suffering you went through to entertain us! Touchdown confirmed, we’re safe on YouTube!” commented on a third. “You have to respect the fact that 3 years of work went into this experiment. Mark’s dedication to his craft is unmatched!” wrote at fourth.


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