Player Ports Cult Of The Lamb’s Dice Game To Internet Browsers

One Cult of the Lamb fan has reverse-engineered its dice game and ported it to web browsers.

Cult of the Lamb’s dice minigame has been ported by a fan to web browsers, letting you enjoy Knucklebones – or Knuckleclone – separate from the game.

It comes with a few extra settings, too, like a turn timer and limit, move hinting, sabotage, and an increased number of columns. You can either play with a friend or the Shack which now boasts even more opponents. The more difficult options are not only more challenging but even have multiple lives, meaning you have to take them down more than once.

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If you haven’t played Knucklebones, the premise is simple. You roll a dice, place it into one of three columns, and then your opponent does the same. The columns are opposite and if you place a dice of the same value against theirs, their dice will be removed. If you place more than one dice of the same value in the same column, the value will stack. When you’ve filled all three columns – totaling in nine dice – your score at that point is totaled and pitted against your opponent’s. The person with the highest wins.


Tabletop minigames are a prerequisite for any indie darling or triple-A hit nowadays. The Witcher 3 has Gwent, The Elder Scrolls Online has Tales of Tribute, and even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla joined the growing trend with its own dice game – Orlog. It only makes sense that Cult of the Lamb would throw its hat in the ring.

“I’ve reverse-engineered the AI ​​in Knucklebones,” Nafeij posted two weeks ago. “Here’s a web port of the minigame where you can try it out.” Plenty replied with bug reports and suggestions, leading to its likely “last big update” that adds bosses, PvP profiles, user statistics, and other quality-of-life features. All you need to play it is an internet connection and a web browser.

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