Ottawa LRT: Brake fault leads to commuter delays

A brake problem caused an Ottawa LRT train to stop on Monday morning, causing delays for commuters on the Confederation Line.

OC Transpo tweeted just before 9:15 am that trains were being held at some stations due to a train stopped. They later said that service at Lyon, Pimisi and Bayview stations was only on eastbound platforms, and passengers would have to change trains at Lyon station.

Around 12:20 pm, OC Transpo tweeted that regular service had resumed.

Officials said Monday afternoon that the

“At approximately 9:05 a.m. a brake fault caused a train to stop at Tunney’s Pasture station,” a city spokesman said in a statement attributed to OC Transpo director of rail operations Troy Charter. “Service continued on Line 1 throughout the disruption, and service was provided on the eastbound platforms at Lyon, Pimisi and Bayview stations.”

The problem on Monday comes nearly two weeks after the LRT resumed full service following a six-day shutdown of part of the line. That shutdown started when freezing rain fell, leading to two trains getting stuck on the line and two more getting stuck during the efforts to clear ice off the overhead wires and rescue the first two trains.

On Monday, a Reddit user posted a photo around 9:10 a.m. saying a train had been stopped near Tunney’s Pasture. One passenger tweeted a photo from Tunney’s Pasture saying that passengers were being put on replacement buses.

The immobilized train was later moved to the platform at Tunney’s before leaving the station later on Monday.

One man told CTV News that he had been waiting for 20 minutes for the train, even though the display sign at the station said it would be departing sooner.

“No train, what else is new?” he said. “It’s been stuck on three minutes since I got here and no progress.”

“I’ve got to call an Uber to go to my interview.”

– with files from Jackie Perez, CTV News Ottawa

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