No Internet Single Review ⟋ RA

  • Smoky, guitar-driven disco house from Mexico.
  • Guitars feature heavily in some of the most prominent electronic music to come out of Mexico in recent years. Rebolledo, Zombies In Miami, Andre VII—all are proponents of a dusky disco sound that featured many of the releases on Hippie Dance, Rebolledo and Superpitcher’s label (dormant since 2020), and some of the earlier sets played from the Mayan Warrior art car at Burning Man (also curated by Rebolledo since 2014). No Internet, a new EP by Mexican artist Globemaster, carries on this tradition. The title track is the strongest here, all smoky riffs, cosmic synths and propulsive midtempo beats in the Correspondant mould, and surely the antidote to any wilting dancefloor.

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