Man With Down Syndrome Takes His Nephew For Ride; Internet Calls It ‘Precious’

Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 02:58 PM IST

Man with down syndrome proudly takes his nephew for a ride. (Image source: Twitter)

To fulfill his wish, the family members introduced a lawnmower ride for the uncle-nephew duo.

A heartwarming video of an uncle with down syndrome fulfilling the wish of driving around with his nephew has left the internet emotional. The condition caused due to a genetic chromosome 21 disorder results in developmental and intellectual delays which makes normal activities including driving a difficult task for a patient. It is the same reason why the man in the clip thought he would never be able to drive a car on his own. However, after watching others driving their nephews it became the man’s deepest desire to do the same.

To fulfill his innate desire, the family members came up with a solution of introducing a lawnmower ride to the uncle-nephew duo. Now, short footage of the two enjoying a fun ride outside their house is winning multiple hearts online. If the video is anything to go by, the uncle appears to be extremely elated and proud as his nephew is seated on his lap. In the clip, the uncle first takes out the vehicle from what appears to be a garage, he then picks up the nephew from the house’s front door and then takes a round within close proximity of their residence. Twitter page Good News Movement shared the clip online alongside the caption, “Uncle with Down syndrome is finally able to drive his nephew around.” Watch the video here:

With over ten thousand views, the clip has garnered immense praise and adulation from multiple users of the micro-blogging site. One of them wrote, “The Internet (and Twitter in particular) needs more accounts posting this kind of stuff.”

Another hailed him as, “Awesome uncle.”

Meanwhile, a user called the uncle-nephew’s bond utterly, “Precious.”

In a similar instance, an aspiring country singer from West Virginia previously became a viral session after uploading an emotional video of an impromptu singing session alongside his uncle with down syndrome.

In the clip, the duo was seen playing music as they created a new cover of ‘He Stopped Loving Her.’ While the nephew strums out some musical guitar tune, his uncle was spotted singing occasional lines from the track. At one point, the pair also appears to be in proper tune as they sing together with sheer passion.

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