Man claims in video he heard ‘ghost baby’ laughing in the basement. It’s a cat, says Internet

A man claimed he heard a ‘ghost baby’ laughing in the basement. However, a section of the internet said it wasn’t a ghost but a cat making noise.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 25, 2023 15:29 IST

Man claims in video he heard 'ghost baby' laughing in the basement.  (Representative picture)

Man claims in video he heard ‘ghost baby’ laughing in the basement. (Representative picture)

By Tiasa Bhowal: A video that has gained a lot of traction online shows a frantic man recording himself in the basement of his house. He heard the voice of a baby playing and laughing in the basement but he couldn’t see anything specific. The basement was dim-lit and he was downstairs gathering things for his laundry when the incident happened. He recorded the entire episode on his phone and appeared absolutely terrified. However, several Instagram users were not convinced and questioned the authenticity of the video. The video has 10k views.

In the video, you can see a man recording himself from the basement of his house. He described how someone shut the door, switched off the light and knocked down a basket full of clothes that he wanted to put in the laundry. While he is speaking, you can actually hear a voice in the background. “It sounds like a baby and it wants me to go over there,” he said. “I am here completely by myself,” he added.

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While some users were absolutely terrified after watching the video, others thought it was probably a cat. “How is he so composed and holding the camera without shaking,” a user wrote.

“You need to hire a male or female who is a professional psychic medium either professional clairvoyant or haunted. She/he can communicate with the ghost baby,” another user suggested.

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