‘I’m cold’: The makeup look the Internet loves right now

(Source, L to R: @rayan.xasan; Kylie Jenner; @zoekimkenealy; @meicrosoft)

Makeup trends come and go, TikTok trends even faster, but they sure are fun to try! Especially the latest trend taking over #beautytok from creator Zoe Kim Kenealy, known for producing viral beauty looks. The “I’m cold” makeup look — perfect for the impending winter season — is as simple to achieve as it sounds.

The makeup trend is meant to mimic how you might look when you’ve spent some time outside in the cold air — flushed cheeks, red nose and a natural glow. We talked to Canadian makeup artist and creator Mei Pang to get her take on the viral trend.

The look hinges on blush and its placement. Pang says where you place your blush according to your facial structure is pivotal to any makeup look. “Depending on where you place it, it can give it a different effect!” she said. “For example, if you place it lower on your cheekbones it creates a fuller, flushed look, which is integral with the ‘I’m cold’ makeup effect. If you place blush on the high points of your face it creates a lifted appearance .”

Using a blush color that naturally complements your skin tone is key, since the goal is to emulate the effect of cold fresh air. Pang uses Hindash’s Color Fluid matte liquid pigments in “Heartist“and”rising” then adds Dior Backstage powder blush in “001 Pink” on top. The key to this look is dabbing the blush on the tip of your nose as well, which is contradictory to what you might be used to (concealing your cold and runny nose), but in this case it’s the whole aesthetic.

In the interest of keeping the look natural, most creators suggest using a touch of concealer rather than full-fledged foundation. Pang uses the Catrice Cosmetics full coverage concealerr, but you can use any concealer with a natural, skin-like finish. For that frosty glow, you can add a little highlight to the inner corners of your eyes and the bridge of your nose. Tea NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is TikTok’s highlighter of choice.

Last, but not least, are the lips. Similar to the cheeks and nose, they’re meant to have a natural tint. Some TikTok creators are achieving this with a multi-use cheek and lip tint for the same tone all over and adding gloss to the lips for a little pop, but Pang uses the MUFE lip liner in Anywhere Caffeine topped with the Tarte Honeysuckle Juicy Lip gloss.

Although the “I’m cold” makeup trend, like the “crying girl” makeup trend, aspire to be natural-looking — is it actually wearable on an everyday basis or is it just for TikTok? Pang said, “They’re so much fun and give people a chance to explore more than one ‘natural’ look …and find out what works for them.” Either way, variations on a natural makeup aesthetic are here to stay for now.

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