Hundreds of Ottawa Police officers affected by payroll issue

At least two hundred Ottawa Police Service officers are experiencing payroll issues that resulted in some members of the force receiving less than two dollars on their expected January paycheck.

Multiple sources have confirmed the issue to CTV News, saying some officers were significantly underpaid, while others received too much money.

Ottawa Police Association President Matt Cox says they are working with the city to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Sources told CTV News the payment irregularities were caused by a technical issue and that the city does not expect it to be a recurring problem.

Ottawa police chief Eric Stubbs told reporters Monday he was unaware of the issue and did not comment further.

In a statement, city of Ottawa director of payroll, pensions and benefits, Sharon McLaughlin, said the city has full confidence in its payroll system and has taken steps to rectify the issue.

Through its regular quality assurance controls, the City became aware of a technical issue affecting the pay of City of Ottawa employees and members of the Ottawa Police Service. Immediate steps were taken to rectify it through normal operational procedures. Where necessary, impacted employees received adjusted payroll deposits during the same pay cycle and were directly advised of the adjustments to their pay,” McLaughlin said.

“The City has full confidence in its payroll system and operational procedures.”

Sources tell CTV News, however, that many OPS members are still waiting for those adjusted deposits.

In a follow-up statement, McLaughlin wrote “All outstanding pay adjustments are of $50 or less and will be processed on the pay of January 26.”

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