How 1 man’s mission to get Jason Kelce’s signature blows up the internet

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It all started after Kyle McCorry saw a clip from Jason and Travis Kelce’s podcast “New Heights.”

Jason: “Where did you sign the baby?”

Travis: “I didn’t sign the baby. I didn’t put sharpie on a baby.”

Jason: “I’ll sign a baby. Give me a baby, I’ll sign it.”

Those words led to a string of events.

With his baby safely secured for the journey ahead, McCorry flew in from Virginia with his sister to watch the playoffs from the third row of Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday.

“If I can sneak a baby doll in and bring a sign, I think Kelce would want to sign it,” McCorry said.

The sign caught the eye of a cameraman during the game.

“We were on the jumbotron for maybe 20 to 30 seconds. It felt like a really long time to be on the jumbotron,” McCorry said.

But that wasn’t enough to catch Kelce’s attention, so McCorry tried something else.

“Some people had already left so I jumped up to the front row and I’ve got my sign, I’ve got my baby and I’m trying to get Jason’s attention,” McCorry said.

Still no luck – until it was almost too late.

“He’s like walking toward the tunnel and I’m like, ‘Oh man, I don’t think he’s going to sign it.’ But then he stops like he remembers and does a b-line right over.”

McCorry says it’s a moment he’ll never forget.

“I know for him it’s been a dream to sign a baby so I’m happy to help fulfill Jason Kelce’s dream,” McCorry said.

A dream come true that could lead to fatherhood in the future.

“My wife was certainly like, ‘You’re cute with that baby. I think fatherhood looks good on you,'” McCorry said.

But for now, the nameless baby belongs to the fans.

“It’s Philly’s baby and it wants to go to a Super Bowl,” McCorry said.


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