Havasupai Tribe in the Grand Canyon will soon upgrade internet

SUPAI — The red rock walls of Havasu Canyon reverberated with the rapid thump of helicopter blades as a Bell LongRanger set down on the grassy helipad in the flattest spot in the town. The blades barely slowed as passengers and cargo were quickly offloaded, and people headed out of the canyon were as swiftly brought onboard. The scene was repeated throughout a November day as load after load arrived.

Nearby, the famous US Postal Service mule train delivered more packages and letters to the isolated community.

With no road into town, the helicopters will soon haul some more precious cargo: equipment to bring high-speed internet to Supai’s 102 homes, several government agencies and a tribal business. The wireless internet equipment will bring the Havasupai Tribe closer to the world — and the world closer to the only tribal nation that still inhabits ancestral lands within the Grand Canyon.

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