Before and after Twitter photos stun internet

A post going viral on social media points at the “missing women” at the company since the Tesla CEO took over.— Twitter

Apart from hundreds of the staff members being fired, several employees at Twitter walked out after Elon Musk said they would either have to go “hardcore” or leave with three months’ severance pay. Nearly 2,000 people at the company decided to leave instead of committing to the CEO’s “Twitter 2.0“.

At least 7,500 employees have left Twitter, either laid off or resigned. As the social media firm deals with this brand new challenge of being short-staffed, Musk has reportedly asked the staff members if “anyone” knows how to code and do the “technical work”.

While the billionaire battles these issues, a post going viral on social media points at the “missing women” at the company since the Tesla CEO took over.

YouTuber Lauren Chen published before and after photos of the Twitter office that made a comparison between before the billionaire took over and after he became the chief. The first picture clearly shows a mix of male and female employees, most females. The other picture shows mostly male employees with rarely any woman pictured with Musk.

While could not independently verify if the first image was captured before the famous $44 billion deal, social media users are convinced this is the case. The second picture was posted after the takeover by Musk on his official account.

The photos have gone viral with netizens criticizing the new CEO’s policies and questioning the lack of gender equality in the current workforce. “Where have all the women gone?” people are asking.

Some said that this situation was similar to what happened when former US president Donald Trump took over the country and only a few women were seen in his cabinet.

Some smart users mentioned how the first photo was from a department dominated by women.

“Little facetious to share a pic of the @TwitterComms team and compare it to a room of engineers, innit?”

A user posted a video from a female employee that showed two other women in the office too.

“Where are the black people?” pointed another, adding that Asia was well represented but the black community was not.

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