Woman’s Coconut Shell Tea Recipe Has Internet’s Attention

Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 12:17 IST

This woman prepares the perfect tea in a coconut shell. (Image source: Instagram)

You don’t need to worry about whipping out utensils to make this refreshing tea. Get a coconut shell and prepare this perfect winter drink.

Winters are the perfect time to have warm cups of tea. Not only it helps you feel cozy but it is the perfect hand warmer too. Now, you do not even need to worry about whipping out some utensils to make it happen. All you need to do is to be resourceful. If you have a coconut shell, you may as well try this fresh coconut tea recipe. In the video posted on Instagram, a woman starts off-camera by putting a hollow coconut shell on the stove, after it heats up, she adds some water, ginger, milk, cardamom, and sugar. There you have it: the perfect coconut tea!

Check out the clip that is now making rounds on social media.

Tea lovers in the comment section, already gathered impressed by the innovative method of making their favorite drink. Many were curious if there was some distinction between the taste of the tea made this way from any regular tea. The user who shared the clip let people know that it tasted pretty similar, only this tea had a slight flavor of coconut in it. An Instagram user commented, “Now I know what to do if I get lost in the jungle and don’t have a pateela (boiler) to make chai. Love the idea! It is actually good for camping.”

To some users, the biggest hurdle in setting out to prepare this tea was the fear of their mother. No one wanted to get scolded by their mother for ruining their kitchen. A user wrote, “Aisa toh kabhi nahi hone dengi meri Mumma. Maar agar khana hai toh he karen aisa kaam (my mother would never let this happen. Only attempt this in case you want to get beaten up),”

Another comment read, “As a tea person I wanna try it.”

Meanwhile, a serious question popped up in the comment section. One of the users said something like a coconut shell was sure to catch on fire when placed on an open flame. How was it then that the shell in the video did not catch fire? The Instagram user, Kavita Rai, who shared this clip gave an explanation. She let people know that if the coconut shell was put on low flame, there was nothing to worry about. Kavita also asked people to be careful and check to make sure the coconut did not have any holes in it before putting it on the stove.

Would you ever attempt to make this tea in a shell?

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