New internet provider provides Waterloo residents with a choice | Waterloo

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWL) – Waterloo residents and businesses will now have the option to choose between a new internet provider.

Metronet has just released their first fiber optic network in Waterloo near the Crossroads Mall.

This is all a part of the company’s multi-million dollar investment to provide high-speed internet as Metronet Manager of Government Affairs Craig Zimmerman said the need for high speed internet increases.

“Many of the communities we work with, Waterloo included, have one or two providers,” Zimmerman said. “There is just a huge need for more options and more speeds to be able to get information, send information out, and receive information back.”

The full construction process is estimated to take 18 to 24 months. For a full list of Metronets future construction their website.


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