Go Fund Me Launched for Residents of Outer Battery

A Go Fund Me account has been launched for residents of the Outer Battery entrenched in a dispute with a local property owner.

Frustrated residents have pleaded with St. John’s city council to “turn off the lights” after a number of excessively bright lights were set up on a property in the neighborhood made up of homes tightly assembled along a narrow road.

Jillian Kielly decided to lend local residents a helping hand to raise funds for possible legal action.

(File photo.)

Meanwhile, a petition with over 5,000 signatures urging council to introduce a nuisance lighting by law was tabled at yesterday’s St. John’s city council meeting.

A previous motion to introduce a nuisance litigation by law was voted down last week.

Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary, who introduced the motion, was the lone vote in favor of developing a bylaw. She was asked to bring the petition forward by the residents of the Outer Battery area. The petition outlines the potential health, safety, and environmental impacts of excessively bright lighting.

The document says it interrupts the human body’s circadian rhythm, casts deep shadows, and blinds birds in the area.

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